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A Brief Overview of 4Tucson in Our City

“Our city is what it is because it is a direct reflection of the people that live in it!”
Mark Harris, Community Organizer.

From that statement a discussion ensued that became the basis for “4Tucson.” Christians from across the city have tried for years to make a positive difference in Tucson, but have been frustrated with the enormity of the problems.

Because the problems in our community are so large, many Christians have come to believe that the problems of our city can only be solved through a political solution. Other Christians have tried to organize their churches and small groups to do acts of kindness to the most needy in our community, only to find that the needs quickly deplete the available resources and it doesn’t take long for the people involved to become burned out.

“4Tucson” is unapologetically made up of Christians from all denominations and all walks of life that have a deep desire to make a positive difference in our city.

4Tucson has over the last two years analyzed several different reports put out from within our community to help identify the 5 main issues our city faces so that we as a community of believers can form a plan to help solve these five issues.  The reports used were The Tucson Town Hall Report, the Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities put out by TREO, the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, the Tucson General Plan, and finally, the Pima County Comprehensive Plan.  The study of these existing plans was an enormous undertaking that required a great deal of time and attention.  In the end, 4Tucson had no problem identifying Tucson’s 5 main problems.

First, Tucson has no clear and definable vision of what it wants to be as a city in the future.  It is 4Tucson’s stance that without a vision set by meaning and purpose, our quest to be a city of significance will remain illusive.

The second problem that has been identified is that our city worships the environment more than the Creator.  It is 4Tucson’s stance that we should move our city from worshipping the environment to becoming stewards of the environment.  People are not a detriment to the environment; we believe that the environment should be managed for the highest and best use of people.

The third problem identified is that Tucson doesn’t value families.  It is 4Tucson’s stance that Tucson should develop a strategy to promote a family friendly city by engaging in education, housing, labor and wages, healthcare, infrastructure, parks and green spaces for families, family friendly atmosphere and activities, and healthy family-oriented churches.

The fourth problem identified is that Tucson has a disregard for its Christian heritage.  It is 4Tucson’s stance that Tucson should research, develop and communicate the spiritual and cultural history of our city.

The fifth major problem identified is that Tucson undervalues the economic impact of churches in our city.  To learn more about this problem as identified by 4Tucson or any of the above problems, please visit their website at

Our strategy is to participate in the needs and dreams of the city by identifying significant problems, offer biblical solutions and deliver those solutions through the local churches rather than expect the government to solve all of the problems.  The diagram will help those interested better understand the process.

If you want to get involved in 4Tucson call us at (520) 745-4404.


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