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Christianity From My Eyes

Amy Harris – Sophomore at Tanque Verde High School

I’ve always been referred to as the “good little Christian” girl. My friends know I go to church and when I’m asked about it, I view it as an opportunity to share with them. They also know of my strong Christian background and that my dad is a pastor. I go to small public high school and not very many of my classmates go to church regularly. In fact, some of my friends have never even been to a church. When I think about all my friends and classmates who have yet to know the love of Jesus Christ, it saddens me.

I’ve never been an out-going person, never the first to say, “Hello” or “How are you?” to a stranger, but I always try to be kind.  I try to invite friends to church events or youth group, but the answer is most often “I’m too busy” or “maybe some other time.”  Being a Christian was never promised to be easy, but I’ve learned to just take problems as they come.

It’s hard to be accountable for standards that would be okay with anyone else but wrong for a Christian. Because none of my friends at school go to church, I’m constantly reminded that I need to be an example of a Christian. I may be the only Christian they know. I don’t swear and a lot of my friends notice and have started not swearing around me. I don’t wear inappropriate clothing or act in ways that would be unfitting for a teenage girl. I don’t use God’s name in vain and have started to stop my friends from saying God’s name as profanity. These may be insignificant acts in the grand scheme of things, but it has allowed some people to get to see who I am as a Christian. Although Christians in the public school system may be few, I have learned that small acts of kindness and a good example can go a long way in helping them see Jesus.


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