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Security of Person and Property Essential to Strong Economy

If a city can’t provide safety and security the city can not expect to have a thriving economy.  Without  the proper expectation of safety, fewer new business will start up, some existing businesses will move to safer places, and companies thinking about relocating will look at safer communities.

According to Sperling’s Best Places, Tucson is the most crime-ridden city in the nation with a population over one million.

When the word gets out about lack of safety, the economy of a city declines and people suffer.

In November the voters defeated Prop 200 that would have required City Council to put public safety as a high priority in the general budget.  It called for a ratio of police to population to go from a dangerous low of 1.8 cops per thousand to 2.4, the national average.

Now the city is proposing a 15% cut to city police and fire departments.  That means a cut of 25% of the Fire Department staff and the layoff of 72 current police officers with another 69 vacancies to go unfilled and another 105 officers to be laid off in the second quarter of 2010.  If this doesn’t scare you, you have your head in the sand.

Already there are certain calls our cops simply can’t respond to and in some cases desk workers and police volunteers are sent into the field to cover some beats.

Gang-related and drug-related crime is spilling over the border and is rising in Tucson.  Businesses and their employees are scared to go through the parking lot to their car after dark.  What is it going to take for our city to demand and elect strong leadership that does what is right for all Tucsonans?

City government has too many pet projects that they want to spend our tax money on, so they take the money from basic services like cops and firefighters.  Our ratio of police to people continues to go down.  This will chase jobs away, damage our economy and diminish our quality of life.

Safety and security is perhaps the highest duty of government officials.  If they can’t provide the most basic of services, they shouldn’t be in office.


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