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Tucson Is a Direct Reflection of Collective Decisions

Every city in America is a direct reflection of the people that live in it. That is a true statement for every city in the world. The actions of the citizens in one city cause it to prosper, while the actions of the citizens in another city cause it stress and crisis. We see it across the American landscape.  As each city and even many states struggle with the economic crisis in their own unique way, the collective decisions made in the past are revealed in crisis – whether wise or foolish.

Some cities are struggling less in this economy than other cities.  Bismark, ND has a 3.3% unemployment rate versus Yuma, AZ with a 26.1% unemployment rate.  And Tucson, 8.2% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 30, 2009).  Why doesn’t every city prosper or suffer equally?

Tucson’s 234 year history has taught us that some decisions our city fathers made on our behalf were better than others.  Some were wise and some were ill-fated.  Fifty years ago no one imagined Tucson would be a city of over one million.  Because no one saw it coming, no one planned for it. Because no one planned for it, we are continually reacting to correct the lack of planning in our city.  It is always more expensive to go back and fix something that could have been done in the beginning with a little foresight and leadership.  There have been over “100 downtown Tucson master plans, comprehensive plans, studies and projects over 234 years.” (Editorial October 3, 2009)  Will we be ready for the next one million people that are projected to be Tucson residents by 2035?  Decisions made for the long-term benefit of all the citizens have better outcomes than short-term fixes. It takes courage for  a city to unite and work toward a well thought out preferred future.

There is a new effort underway called Imagine Greater Tucson.  Imagine Greater Tucson is “a collaborative process being developed by a diverse representation of the community to create a shared vision and clear action for the Tucson Region that will make our community a vibrant and healthy place to live, work, learn, and play for current and future generations of all ages.”

Why will it work this time?  Imagine Greater Tucson is building on past and present efforts, but it is also including you. Many of us were not here during those past efforts, but we are here now.  Imagine Greater Tucson wants your input, ideas and dreams of the perfect community.  What we become in the future will be a direct reflection of the people here now.

Watch for more information on Imagine Greater Tucson’s website that is being developed and will be posted after the first of the year.  Our city is what it is, for better or worse, because of you and me. Get involved!  Make a difference!  Help us make Tucson the jewel of the southwest.


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