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What are Domains?

Each month Good News Tucson Magazine will highlight specific topics and issues confronting Tucson. You will notice that the articles will focus on twelve key areas or Domains. Some of the articles will be sponsored by individuals or groups that have an interest in that specific Domain.  What is a Domain?

Every community usually is divided into three sectors; the Public Sector, the Private Sector and the Social Sector. The Public Sector is owned by the state and exists to provide services in the public interest like police and fire services, education, clean water, waste management, etc. The Private Sector includes companies, corporations, small businesses and private banks which are not controlled by the state and which are privately owned and profit motivated.  And the Social Sector includes voluntary, religious and not-for-profit activities which may include the arts, charities, education, politics, religion, research or some other endeavor. Although not an agency of the state, it may have to meet state requirements to secure or maintain its charitable status. Healthy communities have a good balance between these three sectors.

Throughout the city, there are Christians employed in each of those sectors working in various capacities. To help 4 Tucson and Good News Tucson better understand the problems and the potential solutions to city problems, we have taken those three sectors and broken them down into twelve smaller groups called Domains.

We have identified and will use the following 12 Domains in Tucson: Health Care, Education, Business, Criminal Justice, Government, Sports, Environment, Social Services, Media & Arts, Church, Philanthropy and Prayer.

Each Domain exists to support the families in Tucson.  For example, the Business Domain exists to provide jobs to support families.  They produce and sell products that other businesses and families need.  The same can  be said for each Domain.  Families are the foundation for building a strong and vibrant community.

Each month Good News Tucson Magazine will have articles from community leaders out on the frontlines in each of those Domains.  If you have an idea for an article let us know. We are also looking for citizens and groups that want to sponsor specific Domain articles. To help Good News Tucson continue to grow, consider sponsoring a Domain article.  We look forward to bringing you fresh and relevant information from a Biblical perspective each month.

You may contact us with your ideas at


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