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A Biblical Mandate to Help Those Who Are Sick or in Need

With thousands of U.S. Christians praying to God for affordable medications, some that many need just to stay alive, God may very well be answering those prayers in a somewhat unconventional way.
For years many Arizonans, Californians, and Texans with convenient access to Mexican border towns have made the trip across the border to buy prescribed drugs. The number of Americans traveling to Mexico for discount medications has fueled an industry that thrives off the ability of U.S. consumers to legally purchase their prescribed and FDA approved medications from licensed pharmacies in Mexico, and to pass through United States Customs with little or no hassle.

Is Buying Drugs in Mexico Illegal Under U.S. Laws?

Americans can legally transport medications for personal use with a valid prescription from a doctor in the United States. If the medications are considered to be a class 1, 2 or 4 “controlled substance” medications or narcotics, then people crossing the U.S. Mexico border to buy these types of medications are legally required to have both a valid U.S. prescription, as well as a valid Mexico prescription from a licensed doctor in Mexico. If you do bring a prescription drug that is a controlled substance into the U.S. from Mexico, it must be for legitimate personal medical use. It should be in the original container, which must identify the substance and the name and address of the dispenser.

Why Do People Go To Mexico To Buy Prescription Drugs?


In January 2000, a government committee found that the average prices for the top five drugs for the elderly were 83 percent higher in the United States than in Mexico. Congress approved a law in December 2000 allowing pharmacists and wholesalers to import prescription drugs at lower costs for consumers. This would also allow individual consumers to legally purchase and import their own legally prescribed medications “for personal use”. “We’re acutely aware of the fact that about one-third of the elderly in this country don’t have access to reliable prescription drug coverage,” said Representative James C. Greenwood, a Republican of Pennsylvania, who was on the House Commerce Committee. “In this day and age, if you don’t have access to prescription drugs, you don’t have adequate health care. Some people are in desperate straits.” Even so, some ten years later, Americans remain no closer to affordable prescription medications than when these facts were put before our governing body in Washington.
One survey conducted by the FDA, found that 46 percent of Americans returning with medication from Mexico were 51 or older and that they most commonly bought antibiotics, as well as drugs for diabetes, estrogen replacement, arthritis, impotence and pain. Survey workers interviewed people returning to the U.S. at eight different border crossings in three different states.
The Hoffers traveled from their home in Mountainview in Northern California after Mrs. Hoffer’s doctor recommended making the trip to Mexico for the drug. Mrs. Hoffer, 42, suffers from diabetes and heart problems and has been taking the needed medications to ease digestion for 15 years.
She bought nine bottles of the drug’s generic, cisapride, for $9 each at a shop in the tourist plaza. It was the first time she had bought the drug in Mexico. When asked why she had done so, her response was “I had no alternative, “I have to survive.”

Why Don’t People Go To Mexico To Buy Prescription Drugs?

With the answer to affordable prescription medications so readily available to U.S. citizens, then why are so many Americans still not taking full advantage of this buying option? The best answers to this question comes from nine years of in-depth research having been conducted by Christians associated with International Pharmaceutical Ministry, Inc. and/or International Pharmaceutical Foundation, Inc.. Their answers are as follows:

Most Americans just do not know that they can legally buy prescribed medications from Mexico and bring them back into the U.S. for their own personal use. To get current information about regulations on importing drugs from Mexico, you can find a wealth of factual information at: This is the official web site to “The People’s Guide to Mexico, and is published by Mr. David Eidell, a world renowned expert and published author regarding, among other things, buying and importing prescription drugs from Mexico.


Many Americans just are so grossly misinformed about the safety issues concerning medications from Mexico that they refuse to take full advantage of this buying option. The fact is that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been buying their prescription medications from Mexico for years, without any more adverse effects than if they had purchased their prescription medications right here in the U.S.


At this present date, approximately two hundred thousand Americans cross the U.S./ Mexico border every month to legally purchase prescription medications. Eighty percent of these Americans live in one of the four U.S. states that border with Mexico. As such, it appears to be geographically impossible for many Americans to take advantage of this buying option. However, Americans can order their prescription medications on-line from a Mexican pharmacy. To get the most current information concerning Christian owned and operated on-line personal medication service providers, who provide this type of specialized” DOOR-TO-DOOR” service from licensed, professional, and most of all, reputable Mexico pharmacies, go to: There you will find out how Americans living anywhere in the U.S. can legally take full advantage of vast savings on their prescription medications from Mexico, all from the safety and comfort of their own home.


Border town violence is out of control. Even people who have been crossing the U.S./ Mexico border for years to purchase their medications are now afraid to make the crossing.
Breaking U.S. laws regarding importation of foreign drugs may lead to your arrest in the U.S. Breaking Mexican laws regarding purchasing of drugs may lead to your arrest in Mexico. Penalties for drug offenses are strict and convicted offenders can expect large fines and jail sentences up to 25 years. Unknowingly breaking the law, or getting an illegal Mexican prescription, even unknowingly, from someone who is not authorized to issue it does not excuse a U.S. citizen from prosecution in Mexico. If you lie to customs about having drugs and are caught, the consequences could be simple, like having the drugs taken away, or very serious, such as going to jail. Other fear factors and concerns are:

Drugs you purchase in Mexico may be counterfeit.
Many Mexican pharmacy employees have no medical training.
In many cases, you do not know where the drugs were made or how they were handled.
If you receive directions for use at all, they might not be in English.


Drive time and fuel costs as well as very long lines at all U.S./Mexico border crossings are major reasons that Americans don’t want to go to Mexico to purchase prescription drugs. Long return lines turn a seemingly few hour trip from somewhere as close as Tucson, Arizona into an all day affair. Even people crossing over into the U.S. from Mexico who have nothing to declare must wait in line, taking as little as 30 minutes or up to 3 hours. The wait can grow even longer when people crossing back over have numerous prescription medications to declare. You must declare the drugs at Customs upon your return to the United States. U.S. Customs permit people to bring back reasonable amounts of medications for personal use, but does not allow stockpiling or purchasing large amounts of drugs for what will be assumed is a commercial or resale purpose.

The time has come for Americans to turn to God instead of government to meet some of our most basic needs, including affordable medications. Christians should pray and ask God for direction and guidance regarding the cost of their prescription medications. Could His answer be for you to buy the prescriptions in Mexico? For me personally, and for those that I hold dear, the Mexico buying option has indeed been the answer to our daily prayers for affordable and quality prescription medications

Get Current Information About Regulations on Importing Drugs From Mexico

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Phoenix Field Office
U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Personal Exemption Information
U. S. Customs and Border Protection
U. S. Department of State, Consular Information on Mexico


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