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Who’s Right?

Here are two illustrations that may help you understand the contrast between Bigger Government and Smaller Government.  These issues are being discussed in Congress and in the media daily.

Big Government advocates believe that a few highly educated officials in power are better able and more capable of determining what is best for the majority of people. They believe they can deliver a more equitable form of governance.  We are not aware of a single place on earth where Big Government did not severely constrict the freedom and creativity of the people and plunge the majority of the population into poverty.  Because people tend to become pre-occupied with the personal issues of life, Big Government is a lazy man’s form of governance.

The Small Government model requires the citizens of the nation be informed and engaged in the process governing.  Small Government is the most difficult form of government to maintain because people are naturally pre-occupied with personal matters. They tend to neglect their civic responsibility in hopes that those who govern them will do it well.  Small Government and personal responsibility are essential to maintaining freedom and prosperity.  Those who yield their civic duty to others will lose both freedom and prosperity. The only place on earth where the Small Government model has been tried is the United States of America and the rest of the world has benefited from the freedom and prosperity of the US.


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